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Blasting Abrasives

  • Steel Shot

    Steel Shot

    Steel shot is made from carbon steel by melting and forming. It is widely used as a abrasives for cleaning,desclaing,surface prepation and shot peening. Its different size will determine the ultiate finished achieved on the surface of the workpiece to be blasted.

  • Steel Grit

    Steel Grit

    Steel grit is crushed from high carbon steel shot, available for three kinds of hardness. with angular shape, it removal of surface contaminants and coatings quickly and effectivly.

  • Bearing steel grit

    Bearing steel grit

    Bearing Steel Grit is made by crushing forged bearing steel. It is initially developed and used for the stone sawing industry and now also well accepted for the blasting process due to its high performance.

  • Sponge media abrasives

    Sponge media abrasives

    Sponge Media abrasive are available in over 20 types, achieving profiles from 0 to 100+ micron. All procides dry, low dust, low rebound blasting.

  • Carbon steel cut wire shot

    Carbon steel cut wire shot

    We provide steel cut wire from new steel wire and old tire wire both.
    Application features
    Maintaining higher fatigue life under high strength, lower the consumption costs.
    Good grain roundness, uniform size, no broken during using, higher shot peening quality.
    Most cost-effective when used for shot peening of medchnical parts with hardness range of HRC40-50.

  • Stainless steel cut wire shot

    Stainless steel cut wire shot

    Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot is made by cutting stainless steel wire into pellets. It can be further conditioned into different grades according to customers different usage.

  • Stainless steel grit

    Stainless steel grit

    Stainless steel grit is stainless steel angular particle. Mostly used for surface cleaning, paint removing and descaling of non-ferrous metals and stainless steel products, forming uniform surface roughness, thus especially suitable for surface pretreatment before coating.

  • Low Carbon Steel Shot

    Low Carbon Steel Shot

    TAA low carbon bainite steel shot also called LCB steel shot.
    As the leading manufacturer in the fìeld of metal abrasive, TAA Metal persists in improving product quality and developing new produ during the past years. TAA LCB rnixed abrasive is a high-performance product after decade-long research and development, which is the perfect combination of TAA petent technologies and proprietary technologies, AS the desired shot blasting media, TAA LCB mixed abrasive be applied to atl the fields relating to shot blasting and sand blasting. Jt’ s excetlent performance could help users save 50% of their shot blasting cost.

  • Aluminum cut wire

    Aluminum cut wire

    Aluminum cut wire shot also named as aluminum shot, aluminum beads, aluminum granules, aluminum pellet.

  • Zinc cut wire

    Zinc cut wire

    Zinc cut wire shot also named zinc shot, zinc pallet, zinc beads, zinc cut-wire blasting. It is softer than steel, stainless steel, cast or cut wire products.

  • Brown Fused Alumina

    Brown Fused Alumina

    Brown aluminium oxide is fused and crystallized under high temperature from a mixture of bauxite and other and other raw materials. It is characterized by its high hardness, good toughness and shape in size.

  • Copper cut wire

    Copper cut wire

    Copper cut wire shot produced by cutting from copper wire into pellets, the length equal to the diameter of the wire.mainly used for surface treatment blasting. It also be called as copper shot, brass cut wire shot, copper shot as cut,copper beads, copper granules etc. Can be used both as cut or conditioned shot shapes.

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