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“Close to customers, keep improving” | it’s time to show our real technology

In order to actively implement the company’s core concept of “focusing on customers” and serve customers better, the service personnel of the Engineering Technology Department recently launched the after-sales technical service activity of Close to customers, keep improving”.

This after-sales service focuses on the customers who use our low carbon steel shot. By visiting the customer’s site, the personnel of engineering and technology department carry out on-site inspection and analysis on product application, equipment operation, shot blasting efficiency and other aspects, so as to ensure that users can obtain ideal shot blasting effect, improve production efficiency, and improve the quality of products, also saving energy (electricity) and reducing labor intensity etc.
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At the beginning of 2021, The president Mr. Hanqingji clearly put forward that it is the mission and purpose of the enterprise to meet the market demand and serve customers. It is necessary to highlight the basic principle of “focusing on customers”, strengthen the market awareness and customer awareness of all staff, establish a mechanism for rapid response and problem-solving, carefully analyze the needs of customers at home and abroad, make efforts to understand and determine the potential and hidden needs of customers, improve communication skills, meet customer needs to the maximum extent, and reduce customer complaints, improve customer satisfaction rate.
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During this service, our after-sales staff communicated with the relevant person of customer carefully, recorded carefully, and effectively helped the customer to improve the shot blasting effect through sincere conversation and professional suggestions.Combined with the actual needs of shot blasting site, we put forward our own views and suggestions objectively and clearly. With the continuous development of technical services, by summary and discussion sharing, we are more clearly and more directly understand the needs of customers as well as the work direction for next step.
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With the full development of after-sales service activities, with the active cooperation of all customers, the service team has been highly praised by customers everywhere they go, and the market feedback has been pouring in, which really makes customers feel the intimate and long-term life cycle service of TAA.

According to the common problems and improvement needs of customers in shot blasting process, we can provide you with the following technical support:
1. Develop personalized surface treatment program according to the products;
2. Help to formulate the implementation plan of reducing shot blasting cost and improving cleaning efficiency;
3. Help to check the status of shot blasting equipment, and put forward suggestions on operation maintenance, upgrading and automation improvement;

The root of the product is the user’s demand. In the future, TAA will continue to research and develop new equipment, new materials, new processes and new technologies in the direction of green and intelligent, and lead the industry development with overall surface treatment solutions and operation and maintenance services. The service work only starts, but does not end. We are not satisfied with solving the worries for consumers, to providing users with experience and service beyond expectation is our direction of efforts!

Post time: May-17-2021