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Comparison between shot blasting and pickling

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Shot blasting




Use the motor to drive the impeller to rotate (directly or driven by V-belt), and throw the abrasives with diameter of about 0.2 ~ 3.0 (including cast steel shot, steel wire cut shot, stainless steel shot and other different types) to the surface of the workpiece by the action of centrifugal force. Oxide scale, rust and other iron oxides (Fe3O4, Fe2O3, FeO, etc.) react with acid solution to form salts, which are dissolved in acid solution and removed The workpiece (steel or aluminum or zinc) is immersed in phosphating solution (some acid phosphate based solution) and deposited on the surface to form a crystalline phosphate conversion film insoluble in water


Environment friendly Environmental pollution Environmental pollution

Work efficiency

The process is simple, automatic and mechanized, and the time is set for 3 ~ 15 minutes according to the degree of corrosion Depending on the size of the equipment soaked in strong acid, there are limitations Immerse the workpiece in phosphating solution and realize phosphating by chemical reaction, which takes a long time


Remove heavy rust, scale, sharp angle and edge, deburr and flash, change the surface tensile stress state to compressive stress state (this is very important: tensile stress is harmful - it increases the risk of workpiece cracking and accelerates surface corrosion; compressive stress is on the contrary, it can improve the strength of part surface), etc The pickling process removes the thick oxide scale on the surface of stainless steel, with high service temperature and long pickling time, resulting in high processing cost; The normal temperature scale removal process has good effect on removing thin scale, but not ideal for thick scale, especially the black slag at the welding joint can not be removed Phosphating before coating can enhance the adhesion between coating film (such as coating) and workpiece; Non coating phosphating can improve the wear resistance of the workpiece and make the workpiece lubricated in the machining process.
Effect on surface after treatment It is beneficial to electrophoresis and  galvanizing No effect No effect on electrophoresis
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