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Cost-effective shot blasting machine spare parts, one stop get

Facing the increasingly severe market situation in various industries, companies have put forward higher challenges to production costs and product quality requirements. The shot blasting process in the production process is an important link that affects product cost and quality control. A good shot blasting machine and cost-effective configuration of spare parts play a vital role in the stable and efficient operation of the blasting equipment. It is a direct factor that affects the operation of the shot blasting machine and the cost of shot blasting.

The spare parts cost is mainly a manifestation of comprehensive cost performance, and is mainly affected by internal quality. The high quality spare parts produced by TAA company have higher blast speed and larger shot blasting capacity with the same power, the blasting efficiency and blast quality is higher.It is divided into two categories: casting molding and machining molding. It selects high-quality raw materials and adopts advanced heat treatment technology to strictly control the hardness and microstructure of the product, makes it longer life and higher cost performance.

With years of experience and technology in the surface treatment industry, we have a professional design and R&D team and an independent shot blaster R&D center. All products can be shipped after strict product testing, installation & debugging before leaving the factory.


The production process of each of our spare parts has passed strict production control and quality inspection processes. The models are complete and can also be tailored according to user needs. This can greatly reduce the cost of parts and the frequency of equipment maintenance, thereby reducing maintenance labor costs And reduce the cost of downtime.




TAA Metal has been deeply involved in the shot blasting industry for more than 40 years and has served many customers. The company has a number of professional senior technical engineers who are familiar with common domestic and foreign models, and practice in the use of shot blasting abrasives, equipment technical support, and shot blasting machine upgrades. Both experience and technology are trustworthy and can help you to "prevent small problem and easy solved for big problems" for your equipment.







Post time: Apr-13-2021