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Cutting disc & grinding wheels

A: Materials of cutting disc:

Cutting discs can be divided into two kinds: resin cutting disc and diamond cutting disc. It can widely used for cutting of common steel products, stainless steel & non-metal materials.In addition, due to the operating environment factors of cutting and polishing, such as nuclear power and thermal power plants and other operating requirements, the cutting disc need to free of iron and sulfur and other chemical elements in order to operate effectively. Therefore, there are special cutting discs for the nuclear power industry, and they can also be used in various cutting application of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, cast iron and other metals:

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A: Parts of cutting discs

The cutting disc is made of abrasives, bonding agents.The characteristics of cutting discs are mainly determined by factors such as abrasive, particle size, bonding agent, hardness, shape and size. Among them, the abrasive is often used as alumina oxide or diamond, and only the abrasive part is actually involved in cutting and grinding!

C:Cutting & grinding disc specifications

The overall specifications of the cutting disc and the grinding disc are not much different. Because of their different application methods, the grinding disc is relatively thick, so that it is more durable under the grinding operation conditions, but the cutting disc is used for longitudinal cutting and cannot be used as a grinding disc, unless The grinding wheel is designed with both cutting and grinding functions, otherwise any behavior that does not follow the design of the product itself is dangerous.

D.Features of cutting discs

Resin cutting disc is easy to break off,maybe destroyed the workpiece or even make workers hurt,so mush get protective cover when cutting.

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TAA alloy cutting discs are produced by brazing. Under certain conditions, a layer of diamond is firmly welded to the metal substrate after a metal solder melting process. This type of product has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, long service life, safety, environmental protection and pollution-free.Mainly replace the current resin bond corundum cutting disc,electroplated cutting disc, and some hot-pressed sintered cutting disc. It is suitable for cutting round pipes, square steels, steel bars, angle steels, channel steels, I-beams, and other metal profiles, including "precision casting iron castings", spheroidal graphite cast irons and various pig irons.

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Comparison between resin discs with diamond alloy discs:

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Post time: Mar-31-2021