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Few new blasting machines projects finished on early November

*The upgrading and reconstruction project of shot blasting line for Xuzhou customer was successfully passed the acceptance and been delivered for use, which has been highly recognized by the customer.

• Customer industry: foundry industry;
• Equipment type: turntable shot blasting machine;
• project duration: three months.

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*Shandong Jining high-end alloy casting shot blasting machine project has been for the final operation and commissioning, with the full cooperation of mechanical engineering department and after-sales service department to ensure that customers can be put into use smoothly as soon as possible.

• Customer industry: foundry industry;
• Equipment type: hook shot blasting machine (4 sets);
• Project duration: 5 months.

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*The main body installation of the steel plate shot blasting line has been successfully completed, and the remote control system has been added according to customer needs, and the on-site commissioning work is in full swing. 

•Customer industry: construction machinery industry;
•Equipment type: the roller table passes through the shot blasting machine (2 sets);
• Project duration: 1.5 months.

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Since January 2021, TAA has delivered dozens of shot blasting machines, including hanger type shot blasting machine, roller conveyor shot blast machines, through type shot blast machine, drum type shot blast machines,blet tumble blast machine, bag type dust collector, etc. these equipment are used in engineering machinery, steel, marine engineering, new energy vehicles and other industries, bringing customers better shot blasting effect and low dust emission production environment.

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Due to the impact of epidemic situation and cold wave weather, coupled with the environmental protection and power restriction policy, the supply situation in winter this year is more severe than ever. Fortunately, we have prepared early: in addition to the development of various activities, we have also prepared all kinds of steel, standard parts and spare parts of shot blast machines that may be used in production to ensure production.

We will actively raise resources, balance production and marketing, continuously improve the refinement level of comprehensive service management of surface treatment, further optimize and improve the supply assurance scheme in winter, to ensure the production and supply of shot blasting machine equipment, blasting abrasives, accessories and other products!

Post time: Nov-27-2021