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High end shot blasting machine helps “high-speed” development

Warmly congratulate Fujian Dingxin Technology Co., Ltd., subsidiary of Qingshan group, on the successful production of No.8 continuous annealing and pickling line. Since it was put into operation on January 11, 2022, after two months of on-site commissioning, the continuous trial operation has not stopped. At present, the process speed has reached 100m / min, and strive to meet the expected period of 120m / min…

This symbolizes the smooth production of the whole No. 8 annealing and pickling line! 

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Fujian Dingxin Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the stainless steel industry. It is determined to build the world’s largest stainless steel kingdom. The goal of this production line is to build the fastest and most advanced annealing and pickling line in the stainless steel industry in China and even in the world. It is also the core production line with the highest designed capacity, production speed and automation of the whole Qingshan group, It is of great historical significance in the strategic development of Qingshan group.                 

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Our company undertakes the shot blasting equipment in this project, including equipment supply, overall installation and commissioning of the whole shot blasting line. Shot blasting cleaning of steel strip is to mechanically remove phosphorus from the upper and lower surfaces and sides of steel strip, so as to lay the foundation for subsequent pickling process and improve the surface treatment quality. This project requires the equipment to run at an unprecedented speed of 120m / min and production output to reach 100000 tons / month. There are 5 groups of this equipment,respectively equipped with shot blasting room, purging room, bucket and shot material circulation system. According to the performance requirements of customers, we have made improvements on conventional design ideas and targeted improvements in many aspects (Power drive, variable frequency speed regulation, hot zone coverage, circulating system etc.)to meet the requirement. 

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Over the years, TAA has been providing comprehensive services for large iron and steel enterprises, including steel shot, shot blasting machine accessories, shot blasting machine, equipment overhaul and so on. The smooth acceptance and operation of this high-end equipment also marks another historic breakthrough in the application field of high-end shot blasting of TAA.

Post time: Mar-15-2022