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Signing Ceremony of Target Responsibility Letter

Driven by dream, live up for precious time. TAA group has gone through an extraordinary year of 2020.

On January 4 of new year 2021, the company held the signing ceremony of the 2021 annual target responsibility letter. At the signing ceremony, the chairman planned and deployed the company's development direction and plan for the next five years, and signed the 2021 annual operation and management target responsibility letter with the person in charge of each company & department.



The meeting first reviewed the document of "management objectives of TAA company in 2021" with special emphasis on: highlighting the basic principle of "focusing on customers", strengthening all staff’s awareness for the market  and customer, establishing a mechanism for rapid response and problem-solving; carefully analyzing the needs of domestic and foreign customers, determining the differences between different customer needs, and understanding and determining the potential needs of customers In order to meet the needs of customers to the maximum extent and improve the customer satisfaction, At the signing ceremony of the responsibility statement for business objectives in 2021, the persons in charge of all branches of TAA group and the persons in charge of the management system signed the statement of responsibility for business objectives. A letter of responsibility is a solemn commitment. Every commitment inspires the fighting spirit, and makes every manager more clear about his / her work mission and responsibilities. He / she will not forget his / her original intention, take the lead in setting an example, and for the purpose, he / she is bound to achieve it! 

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Mr. Han Qingji, chairman of the board, pointed out in his speech that under the background of the epidemic situation in 2020, the group company has adhered to the established goals, worked together from top to bottom, overcome many difficulties, and successfully completed the annual operation and management goals.At the beginning of the new year, in accordance with the company's unified deployment and the general idea of "achieving one change and highlighting five key points", we should constantly lay a solid foundation for basic management, promote the transformation of business management to lean management, and ensure the implementation of the 2021 target plan.

For the development plan of the company in the next 3-5 years, the chairman put forward clear development requirements: in the future, we should realize the transformation of individuals and teams through lean management, turn the industry leader into the industry benchmark enterprise, continuously improve the competitiveness and vitality of the enterprise, constantly create good products and more suitable service mode, and practice and fulfill the mission of " surface treatment comprehensive service provider".

Post time: Jan-08-2021