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Sponge Media Abrasive

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Sponge media abrasive is a cluster of abrasive media with urethane sponge as adhesive, which combines the containment capability of urethane sponge with the cleaning and cutting power of traditional blasting media.

Zibo TAA Metal is the only professional manufacturer for sponge media abrasives in china. Based on TAA’s strong technical strength, TAA also produce the special blasting machine of sponge media abrasive, which is patented.

TAAs Sponge media abrasive types:

TAA-S series with aluminum oxide media for common cleaning requirements

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Type Profiles Abrasive Media Agent Application
TAA-S#16 ±100 micron Aluminum Oxide#16 Fast and aggressive for tough industrial coatings.
TAA-S#30 ±75 micron Aluminum Oxide#30 Removal of multilayer coatings and profile to 75 micron.
TAA-S#30 ±50 micron Aluminum Oxide#80 Effective for one or two laryers coatings and profile to50 micron.
TAA-S#30 ±25 micron Aluminum Oxide#120 Effective on light and moderate rust, producing 25 micron profile.
TAA-S#30 <25 micron Aluminum Oxide#220 For light coatings removal or to leave minor surface profiling.
TAA-G-40 +100 micron Steel Grit G40 Removal the toughest coating. For surface preparation on deteriorated surfaces and for removing elastomeric or other extremely thich coatings.

2.TAA- S series with steel grit media for cleaning of heavy rusting and contaminant

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Type Profiles Abrasive Media Agent Application
TAA-G-40 +100 micron Steel Grit G40 Removal the toughest coating. For surface preparation on deteriorated surfaces and for removing elastomeric or other extremely thick coatings.

3.Operating principle

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1.Dual-component sponge media abrasive are propelled to the surface using an air-driven system
2.Blasting of sponge media abrasive
  ● Absorb collision energy, flatten and suppress the release of loosened surface contanminants
  ● Expose the abrasive, remove surface contaminants
3.when leaving the surface, the sponge media abrasive expands back to normal size creating a vacuum which absorbs most of the dust and contaminants


1) : Low dust
The porous sponge media suppresses up to 95% of what would normally become airborn dust and containment. 

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2) : Improved Safety
  ● The porous sponge media creates no violent splash and rebound, this improves the safety by reducing eye and skin injuries
  ● The low dust blasting improves the visibility, blasting efficiency and quality while reducing the dust soakage, benefiting the health of the public, which well satisfies the requirement of energy saving and emission reduction
  ● The entrapping and fire resistant sponge can control the spark effectively during operation, thus applicable to continuous construction of the inflammable and explosive fields like offshore engineering and petrochemical.

3) : High Efficiency
  ● Achieving high quality surface treatment for sensitive and limited area, particularly suitable for partial sand blasting and causing no secondary damage to the surrounding coating
  ● Can be recycled 6-15 times

4) :Portable
  ● Portable with small density; the equipment is small in size, convenient to move and handing , simple operation process , suitable for treatment of the narrow space and special area

5.Application Fields

Shipbuilding, marine engineering, military industry, petrochemical, nuclear power, aerospace, architectural monuments, urban architecture

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Post time: Jul-26-2021