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TAA “Belt tumble shot blast machine” helps precision castings cleaning to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase

With the rapid development of China’s industrial machinery automation, the international trade network system is more and more developed, and the precision requirements of small and medium-sized parts are gradually improved. In view of this market demand, our company has developed an upgraded version of “belt tumble shot blasting machine” for users in this field, which makes the surface shot blasting cleaning effect of batch small parts better, higher precision and more stable shot blasting operation.

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Winhere Auto-part manufacturing Co., Ltd, the leading enterprise in China’s braking industry, purchased three sets of this equipment at one time!

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Winhere Auto-part manufacturing Co., Ltd is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality brake block. It is also the main drafter of China’s brake block national standard. It is the only honorary enterprise of “brake block production base” of China Foundry Association.

Winhere has strict requirements on the surface treatment process of brake block, in order to provide high-quality brake block with low noise, high performance and comfort. Winhere chose TAA to build three rubber belt tumble blast machines for it. This type pf shot blasting machine is equipped with high-performance TA380 blasting wheel turbine . The chamber body is made of imported high manganese steel plate and built-in imported rubber crawler. After a period of operation with TAA blasting abrasives, the shot blasting time is shortened by 60% and the cleaning efficiency is greatly improved.The current three shot blasting machines are equivalent to the production capacity of the previous eight of the same type. Moreover, the cost of accessories is also significantly reduced. For example, the blade of shot blasting machine was replaced once a month, but now it needs to be replaced once a year; In the past, the protective plate of the chamber body had to be replaced once every three months. Now it doesn’t need to be replaced within a year, or even longer. It greatly reduces the maintenance workload of the machines.


Adhering to the purpose of “customer-centered”, TAA will continue to focus on the development of shot blasting application technology, and continue to provide shot blasting equipment, dust removal system, conveying system, accessories and professional after-sales service to high-end users all over the world, so as to escort more new and old customers in the workpiece surface treatment, reduce costs and increase efficiency!

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Post time: Apr-12-2022