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TAA blast wheel-fast blasting speed and high cleaning efficiency

The blast wheels is an extremely important part for the whole shot blasting machine, and TAA pays special attention to its quality. The high-efficiency blast wheel has the characteristics of high blasting speed and large shot blasting volume of the same power, which can improve the cleaning efficiency, obtain satisfactory cleaning quality, and ultimately improve the surface and internal quality of the products to be blasted.
The impeller, blades, control cage, guard plate, lining plates TAA producing are made of High chromium wear-resistant cast iron.
For the blades, TAA have cast iron ones and tool steel ones both.
Features of TAA blast wheel:
①Beautiful appearance;
②Easy to repair and maintain;
③Low noise;
④High efficient;
⑤The blast wheel is convenient and quick to assemble and disassemble;
⑥The double discs are made of wear-resistant materials and maintain a high degree of dynamic balance during work;
⑦The projectile acceleration and protection parts are made of special wear-resistant cast iron, which can guarantee the service life;
⑧ The impeller that rotates synchronously with the blades makes the acceleration of the projectiles to ensure the vibration-free transmission of the projectiles to the blades, thereby reducing the wear on the blades;
⑨The blast wheel with straight radial blade has the dual-rotation of left and right rotation;
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Blast wheel types on the market, their advantages &disadvantages :
According to the different connection mode with the motor, the blast wheel on the market can be divided into two types:Direct-driven blast wheel, Belt-wheel blast wheel.
Belt-wheel blast wheel is conventional, large abrasive flow rate and good cleaning effect etc. It is a essential part of the airless shot blast cleaning equipment.
Advantages:The violent vibration of the blast wheel will not be transmitted to the motor. The motor can operate in a relatively stable state, and the steel grit splashed by the blast wheel is not easy to damage the motor, so the failure rate of the motor will be reduced.
It is easy to maintain.
Disadvantages:The actual rotating speed of the blast wheel cannot be accurately monitored. Since the motor and the polishing head are connected through the belt pulley and the belt, the speed of the motor is transmitted to the blast wheel through the belt and the speed ratio of the belt pulley. In this way, the tightness of the belt and the wear degree of the belt pulley are different, which will cause the loss of  speed transmission.
Direct-driven blast wheel
The rotating speed of the machine can be directly transmitted to the blast wheel with low power;
The speed of the motor is the speed of the blast wheel, so rotating speed of the blast head is easy to test.
When the shot blasting machine is running, the throwing head vibrates greatly, which will cause large vibration of the motor, friction between the motor coils and friction between the conductor and the shell, which is easy to cause insulation damage and damage to the motor coil, and the motor shell will also be damaged or even broken due to long-term vibration.
TAA Shot blast machine workshop:
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Post time: Aug-19-2021