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TAA chronicle of events in 2020


On August 18, "the 18th China International Foundry Expo, the 14th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition & the 14th International Non ferrous and Special Casting Exhibition" were held in Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center as scheduled.

TAA metal was invited to attend the grand meeting as a member of the presidium.

Our booth has been highly concerned by the  foundry industry manufacturers and media. For three consecutive days, a continuous stream of guests and intensive negotiations have achieved fruitful results.

TAA chronicle of events in 2020-1


From September 11 to 13, in order to promote the exchange and cooperation between pipe and valve casting enterprises and silica sand enterprises, and implement the precise service docking, the second annual meeting of pipe and valve casting branch of China Foundry Association was held in Zhangwu, Liaoning Province.TAA attended to share the industry experience there.

TAA chronicle of events in 2020-2

On September 23-26, the international cable and wire exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. During this exhibition, TAA metal focused on showing blast wheel, blasting machine spare parts and a full range of metal abrasives(shots,grits, cut wires etc.) to the exhibition audience, which attracted many visitors to stop for consultation and discuss cooperation.

TAA chronicle of events in 2020-3


The chinese automobile lightweight casting technology,the automible casting branch of chinese foundry association 2020 annual meeting was held on 13rd-15th Oct.,2020 in Yulin Guangxi Province,The annual meeting was focused on the automotive foundry industry trends, innovation, intelligence, enviromental friendly, and lightweight castings to carry out reports and exchanges. We had made a special report on "The Brake System Parts Shot Blasting Equipment and Special Abrasives Application",where we have elaborated detailed for our shot blasting equipment used for Braking system components and our special shot blasting abrasives.

TAA chronicle of events in 2020-4

The 6th National Shot Peening Technology Conference The 3rd National Abrasives Media Conference was held on 14th-17th Oct.,2020 in Henan Provience, During the conference, we made a special report on "Technology Research on High-Efficiency Shot Blasting Equipment of European Origin and Strengthened Steel Shot Applications,"and exchanged ideas with the participants on the application of high-end reinforced shot blasting equipment and reinforced steel shot. 

TAA chronicle of events in 2020-5

On October 24th, the Ship and Offshore Technology Exchange Conference organized by the Guangdong Corrosion Prevention Association and Guangzhou Shipyard International was held in Longxue Island, Guangzhou. The theme of the conference was "Ship and Offshore Engineering, Green Painting". During the conference, we made a special report on "Research on Selection and Optimization Technology of Abrasive Proportioning for Ship Coating Surface Treatment", exchanged and shared the selection and optimization of abrasives to promote the application of green coating technology.

TAA chronicle of events in 2020-6


From November 8 to 11, the "2020 China Foundry week" with the theme of "strong foundation, collaborative and digital development" was held in Hefei. TAA has attended as a member.TAA attended to share the industry experience there.

TAA chronicle of events in 2020-7

November 11-13, The 6th China foundry industry cluster annual meeting and experience exchange meeting on green development of industrial clusters, with the theme of "Green Town, industry city integration, and ecological development", was held in Liyang, Jiangsu Province. Industry experts were invited to make a report on the industrial policy and cluster development of the foundry industry, and share the scientific and technological innovation, industry city integration, green ecology, health and sustainability, and high quality of each cluster Quantity development experience. Which is very valuable for TAA' business development.

TAA chronicle of events in 2020-8

On November 11-13, the "2020 China gear industry conference and cgma annual conference" was held in Nanjing. The conference provided many activities such as exchange of supply and demand relationship of industrial chain, sharing of capacity building of leading enterprises, and more exchange opportunities.

TAA chronicle of events in 2020-9

On November 12-14, the fourth annual meeting and the fifth technical seminar of wind power casting branch were held in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. The meeting focused on the issues of wind power policy, market change, parity development, project management and control, equipment supply guarantee, technological innovation and investment and financing, so as to help the healthy and orderly development of wind power industry in the era of parity.TAA attended to share the industry experience there.

TAA chronicle of events in 2020-10

On November 24, 2020, the biennial Bauma China 2020 opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center,TAA Metal team prepared carefully and sincerely.

In this exhibition, TAA metal exhibit with larger booth area, more complete exhibition lineup, and hard core strength, showing the super strength and confidence in the severe situation of epidemic situation.

TAA chronicle of events in 2020-11


On December 7-9, the 2020 annual meeting of excavation machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association was held in Changsha, Hunan Province.TAA attended to share the industry experience there.

TAA chronicle of events in 2020-12

On December 13-17, the East China Foundry annual meeting was held in Hai'an, Jiangsu Province.TAA attended to share the industry experience there.

TAA chronicle of events in 2020-13

On December 13,the annual meeting of Shandong foundry industry in 2020 and the member representative meeting of Shandong Foundry Association were held in Qihe County, Dezhou City. Aiming at the development orientation of China's industrial economic order under the prevention and control of the normalized epidemic situation, the meeting implemented the national strategic plan, promoted the industrial structure adjustment of the foundry industry, scientifically planned and led the development of the foundry industry during the "14th five year plan", and steadily promoted the green, intelligent and sustainable development of the foundry industry.

TAA chronicle of events in 2020-14

On December 15-17, the annual meeting of China Automobile Industry Association suspension Committee was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, with the theme of "opening a new situation, seeking a new chapter, and jointly exploring the future development of the industry".TAA attended to share the industry experience there.

TAA chronicle of events in 2020-15

On December 16-18, the 2020 annual meeting of Wenzhou foundry association was held in Longwan District, Wenzhou City. TAA attended to share the industry experience there.

On every expo and exhibition,our blast machine & spare parts, blasting abrasives(high carbon & low carbon steel shots, steel & bearing steel grits, stainless & carbon steel cut wire etc.) were great concerned. We believe we will develop more suitable products for customers in different industry in future.

TAA chronicle of events in 2020-16

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