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To improve the efficiency of shot blasting, have you chosen the right abrasive?

Shot blasting is a common process of metal surface treatment. It is widely used in casting, steel, structural workpiece, metal processing parts and other industries.With the improvement of science and technology and the vigorous development of manufacturing,we has higher and higher requirement for surface treatment quality,cost,and efficiency etc.which is related to the final surface quality and value of the product, so it has attracted more and more attention.

☛The main factors affecting the efficiency of shot blasting:

1. The quality of the abrasive used for shot blasting: such as the type, proportion, performance index (hardness,fatigue life) of the abrasive, etc.;

2. The rationality of the shot blasting process: shot blasting time, speed, flow, etc.;

3. The rationality of the shot blasting machine's state: the shot angle, separation state, dust removal effect, etc.

The relationship between abrasive particle size and efficiency:

The number of abrasives thrown by the cleaning equipment per unit time is large and doubled under the same weight, and the cleaning efficiency can be effectively improved.


The effect of abrasive mixing ratio on efficiency:


It is a painful lesson for users to buy cheap and low-quality abrasives, which is a few hundred yuan cheaper from the unit price. However, the cost waste caused by the reduction of shot blasting efficiency is far more than this amount, and the cost loss caused by the low service life should be calculated.

In view of this trend, we have successfully developed a new type of high-performance abrasives - low carbon mix abrasivesLow carbon steel shot- which can better help factories to achieve the purpose of reducing cost and increasing efficiency. We have a professional technical service team, combined with many years of customer service experience, through adjusting the proportion of abrasive particles and the optimization of shot blasting machine equipment parameters, we can effectively improve the efficiency of shot blasting, help operators to realize the lean management of shot blasting process, and turn losses into profits, and successfully help to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


In addition to providing high-performance products, we focus on the research of shot blasting technology, employ well-known shot blasting experts at home and abroad as the company's technical support, have a professional technical service team, and provide thousands of on-site service to customers every year, focusing on providing technical support and services for shot blasting application, Focus on the research and improvement from abrasive production technology to product application technology to on-site use technology.

After the engineer on-site tracking carding, help and guide the customer on-site specification;

1. Establish and improve the management system of adding and using shot blasting abrasives;

2. Refined management (digital modeling of mix proportion of abrasive).


Efficient abrasive mixing involves the balanced distribution of large, medium and small particles. The distribution changes constantly because of the abrasive deterioration caused by repeated impact on the surface of the workpiece. For short-lived abrasives, it is difficult to maintain proper balance due to their rapid decomposition and removal from the system. These fluctuations in size distribution directly affect the surface finish and productivity.

The shot blasting time is shortened from 90 seconds to 80 seconds, and the efficiency is increased by more than 10%;


Many shot blasting sites are not professional enough in abrasive use and shot blasting adjustment, or the site has not yet reached the requirements of fine management, resulting in the performance or advantages of abrasive shot blasting are not well played.

In the increasingly competitive market environment, manufacturing enterprises are also concerned about the cost reduction of each production link. While we are concerned about the bulk materials and key links such as raw materials, smelting, welding and yield, we should pay more attention to the control of shot blasting cleaning. The selection of high-performance abrasives and professional shot blasting technical support is undoubtedly the key to improve the cleaning efficiency The most convenient way to reduce costs, this change will promote the application technology of shot blasting and the improvement of cost control!

Post time: Apr-26-2021