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Sponge media abrasives

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Sponge Media abrasive are available in over 20 types, achieving profiles from 0 to 100+ micron. All procides dry, low dust, low rebound blasting.

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Sponge media abrasive is a cluster of abrasive media with urethane sponge as adhesive, which combines the containment capability of urethane sponge with the cleaning and cutting power of traditional blasting media. It flattens out during impact, exposing the abrasives to the surface with certain and profile created. When leaving the surface, the sponge expands back to regular size creating a vacuum which absorbs most of the contaminants, and therefore improves the sand blasting environment. 

The most commomly used is TAA-S series with aluminum oxide and TAA-G series with steel grit.

Type Profiles Abrasive Media Agent Application
TAA-S#16 ±100 micron Aluminum Oxide#16 Fast and aggressive for tough industrial coatings.
TAA-S#30 ±75 micron Aluminum Oxide#30 Removal of multilayer coatings and profile to 75 micron.
TAA-S#30 ±50 micron Aluminum Oxide#80 Effective for one or two laryers coatings and profile to50 micron.
TAA-S#30 ±25 micron Aluminum Oxide#120 Effective on light and moderate rust, producing 25 micron profile.
TAA-S#30 <25 micron Aluminum Oxide#220 For light coatings removal or to leave minor surface profiling.
TAA-G-40 +100 micron Steel Grit G40 Removal the toughest coating. For surface preparation on deteriorated surfaces and for removing elastomeric or other extremely thich coatings.


1.  Sponge media abrasives manufactured with polyurethane sponge is low breakage and longer lasting and could well suppress dust pollution which normally resulted from the abrasives breakage.
2.  The sponge material absorbs the surface contaminants (mill scale, grease, etc) and thus improves the cleanness of the subject surface.
3.  Worker safety is enhanced and risks such as eye and industrial injury is reduced due to low rebound of the porous sponge.
4.  Less quality defects and low reworking
5.  High quality surface treatment of sensitive and defined area
6.  Coating lasting longer, reducing maintaining cost.
7.  Recycling
8.  Its sand blasting equipment is small in size and portable and suitable for surface cleaning of narrow area and special part.
9. This environment friendly, safe and high efficient new abrasive brings about clean, quite and visible work sites.

Operating principle

Sponge media abrasives0101

1. Dual-component sponge media abrasive are propoed to the surface using an air-doven system
2. Blasting of sponge media abrasive
* Absorb collision energy, flattened and suppress the release of loosened surface contaminants
* Expose the abrasive, remove surface contanη inants
3. When leaving the surface, the Sponge media abrasives expands back to normal size creating a vacuum which absorbs most of the dusts and contaminants


Widely used in Marine, Offshore Engineering, Military, Petrochemical Project, Aerospace & Aviation, Nuclear Power, Historic Restoration, Wall Cleaning, Building Maintenance etc.

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