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Another Track passing shot blasting machine was successfully delivered to the inspection


Recently, the Track passing shot-blast machines provided by our company for Hunan Xingbang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully passed the acceptance and was delivered for use.

This kind of shot blasting machine uses a hook to hang the workpiece, and then enters the front auxiliary room, shot blasting room and rear auxiliary room through the front door, and then enters the supplementary spraying room for manual supplementary spraying. This kind of equipment can realize 360 ° shot blasting angle in all directions, and can achieve all-round surface treatment of large workpieces.



Hunan Xingbang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was registered and established on February 28, 2008, located in Changsha, Hunan, the capital of Construction machinery in China, the company focuses on the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of all kinds of aerial work equipment. At present, the company has six series of aerial working platforms, including self-arm, self-cutting fork, spider, vehicle and sleeve. The working height of products is from 6-48 meters. The product series is complete and the varieties and specifications are rich.


As a technology pioneer in China aerial work platform industry, the company has its own core technology, and has obtained more than 100 intellectual property rights. Among them, utility model patents, core technology, technical performance and quality performance of products have been deeply recognized by domestic and international authoritative industries. At the same time, the company has obtained a series of certificates issued by international top authorities such as CE certificates, ANSI, Australian as inspection certificate, and EAC Customs Union certification etc.


The trust and recognition of Hunan Xingbang also stems from our strong comprehensive strength. TAA Metal, with advanced digital production lines and CNC machining centers, has been committed to the R& D and application of high-end automated and intelligent surface treatment equipment, serving high-end equipment manufacturing industries and fields such as steel, automobile, engineering machinery, casting, shipbuilding, marine engineering, container, steel structure, wind power, oil and pipeline at home and abroad. The company pays attention to scientific and technological innovation and technological progress. The intelligent surface treatment equipment independently developed by the company has won the national casting equipment innovation award, Shandong Machinery Industry Scientific and technological progress award, Shandong Province’s first major technical equipment and other titles for many times, and continues to lead the rapid and healthy development of the whole industry.


In recent years, TAA Metal has been focusing on the development of shot blasting machine , providing dust removal system, conveying system, accessories and professional services to high-end users around the world, and providing professional equipment upgrading and transformation. It has successively provided new equipment and overhaul and upgrading services for Sany group, XCMG group, Linde Group, Shantui group, Tsingshan group, China Offshore Oil Engineering, CNEG, CSSC, Nanjing Steel, Sokon, SUNWARD, SDEC power, WINHERE, Hengli hydraulic and other well-known large enterprises in China.



Post time: Jul-01-2022