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Be recognized again | TAA Machinery empowers the new energy auto parts industry

Recently, our company successfully delivered a hanger type shot blasting machine for Chongqing Sokon Power Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Chongqing Sokon Industrial Group Co., Ltd, this is the second shot blasting machine delivered by us. Not only that, we have carried out in-depth cooperation in blasting abrasive and shot blasting process contracting for many years. The smooth delivery of this shot blasting machine has laid a foundation for the cooperation between our company and Sokon group, and fully shows that Sokon group has enough trust and recognition in our products and professional after-sales service!



Chongqing Sokon Power Co., Ltd. currently has a complete production process of automobile powertrain. Its layout includes four factories of casting, machining, transmission and assembly. Its main business includes the R & D, production, sales and services of automobile powertrain and parts.

In 2021, Chongqing Sokon Industrial Group Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of cooperation with Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd. With the help of their respective advantageous resources, the two sides will deeply integrate across borders in technology, products and channels to jointly create high-performance and intelligent mobile travel solutions. Such a cross-border cooperation model has created a precedent in the industry

Under the background of the increasing precision requirements of auto parts, Sokon group has more stringent requirements for the product quality. The shot blasting machine provided by us is to conduct shot blasting treatment for its automotive aluminum alloy parts surface, which is automatically transmitted to the shot blasting room through the hanger. The abrasive is thrown to the workpiece surface by the high-speed rotating blasting wheel, and the workpiece is surface treated to meet the fine surface roughness requirement.


Our in-depth cooperation with Sokon Industrial Group Co., Ltd. proves the service ability and level of TAA in the field of new energy vehicles dominated by aluminum alloy die castings. With professional equipment R & D team, TAA can provide complete and automatic shot blasting solutions for different shot blasting industry needs from the beginning of shot blasting / sand blasting process design.


With advanced digital production lines and CNC machining centers, TAA machinery has been committed to the R & D and application of high-end automatic and intelligent surface treatment equipment, serving high-end equipment manufacturing industries and fields such as steel, automobile, engineering machinery, casting, shipbuilding, marine engineering, container, steel structure, wind power, oil and pipeline at home and abroad. The company pays attention to scientific and technological innovation and technological progress,The self-developed intelligent surface treatment equipment has won the national casting equipment innovation award, Shandong Machinery Industry Science and technology progress award, Shandong Province’s first major technical equipment and other titles for many times, and continues to lead the rapid and healthy development of the whole industry.


Post time: Mar-29-2022