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Introduce of shot blasting

Shot blasting is the name of a mechanical surface treatment process. Similar processes include sandblasting and shot peening. Shot blasting is a cold treatment process, divided into shot blasting cleaning and shot blasting strengthening.Shot blasting is to remove the surface oxide scale and other impurities to improve the appearance quality. Shot blasting is to use high-speed moving shots (60-110m/s) to continuously impact the surface of the strengthened workpiece, forcing the target surface and surface layer (0.10-0.85mm) ) get changes during in the cyclic deformation process:

1. The microstructure is modified; 2. The non-uniform plastic deformation of the outer surface layer introduces residual compressive stress, and the inner surface layer produces residual tensile stress; 3. The outer surface roughness changes (Ra Rz). Impact: It can improve the fatigue fracture resistance of materials/parts, prevent fatigue failure, prevent plastic deformation and brittle fracture, and improve fatigue life.

The principle of shot blasting

Shot blasting means that the shot material (steel shot) is projected onto the working surface at a high speed and at a certain angle by a mechanical method, so that the shot particles impact the working surface at a high speed, and the combined effect of the vacuum negative pressure and the rebound force of the matching vacuum cleaner makes the pellets circulate by themselves inside the equipment, and at the same time, through the air cleaning effect of the matching vacuum cleaner, the pellets and the cleaned impurities are separately recovered, and the pellets can continue to be recycled. The machine is equipped with a dust collector to achieve dust-free and pollution-free construction, which not only improves efficiency, but also protects the environment.

When the machine is operating, by selecting the particle size and shape of the pellets, and adjusting and controlling the walking speed of the equipment, the ejection flow of the pellets is controlled to obtain different ejection intensities and different surface treatment effects.

Technical requirements of shot blasting process

The shot blasting process and shot blasting equipment are based on the different surfaces to be treated. Three parameters are used to control the surface condition after treatment: select the size and shape of the shot material; the walking speed of the equipment; and the flow rate of the shot material. The above three parameters cooperate with each other to obtain different treatment effects and ensure the ideal roughness of the surface after shot blasting.


Shot blasting effect shows


Production characteristics of low carbon steel shot:

1. The smelting process is electric arc furnace smelting, patented formula;

2. Centrifugal granulation, patented technology;

3. Secondary quenching to refine the grains;

4. Tempering strengthening, patented technology;

5. Continuous production, stable quality;

6. Automatic packaging, leading the industry.


Advantage of low carbon steel shot 

High strengthen, high tenacity, long service life.

Low breakage, low dust low pollution.

Low wear of the equipments, long life of accessory

Reduce dedusting system load; lengthen usage time of dedusting equipments.

With the continuous advancement of the global industrialization process, the manufacturing industry has higher and higher requirements for quality and cost. In the field of surface treatment, people continue to explore in order to find a more suitable shot blasting process and lower shot blasting costs. Choosing a more cost-effective shot blasting medium is the key to meeting this requirement.

As a leader in the metal abrasive industry, "TAA Metal" has been insisting on continuous improvement of quality and continuous research and development of new products for many years. "TAA Low Carbon Steel Shot" is a high-performance product developed by our company after nearly ten years of hard work. It is the perfect combination of our company's multiple patented technologies and multiple proprietary technologies. The low-shell mixed abrasive specially developed for casting cleaning, steel pretreatment, steel structure cleaning, pipeline anticorrosion, locomotive cleaning, wind power products, container cleaning and strengthening, etc. has been successfully developed and has been widely praised by well-known users at home and abroad. Minimize consumption and improve efficiency. Its excellent performance can save users more than 50% of the cost of shot blasting. It is an ideal shot blasting medium!

Post time: Mar-26-2021