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Management Training Camp

In order to improve the management ability and level of the company's management personnel, improve work efficiency & quality, the opening ceremony of TAA's management cadre competency forging camp and the first training in Shandong University of Technology The Academic Exchange Center was successfully held from August 28th to 29th, nearly 70 middle and high-level managers of the group company participated in it.

The forging camp lasts for four months. Relying on the high-quality faculty of Taishan Management college, it hires well-known domestic training lecturers to give lectures, and follows the training concept of "training for internal and external both, integration of mind and skill" for the development of cadre management skills, aiming to help management cadres to improve quickly Self-management and team management skills.

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After the opening ceremony, the distinguished professor from Taishan  Management College firstly brought a two-day training course on "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People".

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The training is conducted in groups. The lecturer uses teaching methods such as lectures, discussions and case analysis to systematically present the management knowledge contained in the habit, work execution, cultivation and guidance of subordinates, effective communication, and motivation to the trainees during the two-day training period. The necessary knowledge and skills for management cadres such as employees. Under the guidance of the lecturer, the trainees actively participated, used the knowledge they learned, and spoke enthusiastically, creating an active on-site learning atmosphere.

Management Training Camp007

Training is the best benefit for employees. TAA has always been committed to building a learning enterprise. In recent years, with the rapid development, higher requirements have been put forward for the construction of the staff. TAA has constantly summed up experience, innovated and changed in the training mechanism, training model and training level. Using new ideas, new concepts, and new models to lead the continuous growth of employees, and transform the learning achievements of employees into strong momentum to promote the rapid development of the company.

Post time: Nov-05-2020