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TAA attends Metal+Metallurgy (Thailand)2021 Online Expo

The year of 2021 is a hard year, under the influence of COVID-19, face to face Expo still not workable yet. Thanks to the  Metal+Metallurgy (Thailand)2021 organized by China Foundry Association, TAA would attend it to show more latest products, new technology to customers.

Here below are some information about this online expo,which will be held on Aug 160Sep.15,2021.

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Sponsor: China Foundry Association

Beijing Zhongzhu Century Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Thailand office of China Foundry Association

Virtual show: Aug. 15-Sep. 15, 2021
Match making programs: Sep. 1-3, 2021

Exhibits profile:
Foundry, metallurgy; die casting, non-ferrous alloys and special casting; heat treatment and melting technology and equipment; intelligent casting, automation and peripheral equipment, etc.

Concurrent events:
Asia Foundry Association Annual Meeting
2021 China (Shenyang) International Foundry and Thermal Processing Exhibition

Metal+Metallurgy Thailand 2019 has achieved a big success in Sep., Bangkok, which was a comprehensive display and trade platform for sectors of casting, die-casting, industrial furnace, metallurgy and intelligent manufacturing. The exhibition has increased the understanding and communication of foundry industry among China, Thailand and other Southeastern countries.

Sponsored by China Foundry Association, the virtual version of Metal+Metallurgy Thailand will be held in 2021. It will include online display and targeted matchmaking programs, promoting the exchange and developing opportunities for both foundry enterprises in China and the Southeast Asia.

We believe that with digital technologies, the virtual version of Metal+Metallurgy Thailand 2021 will promote the communication of Chinese and Southeast Asian foundry industry, and explore cooperation and trade opportunities in the future.

On this online expo,We TAA will show more details about our various kinds of blasting abrasives  blasting machines, cutting discs and grinding wheels.  

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By attending this Expo, hope we can have more and further discussion with customers in foundry and castings industry.

If you are interested, Welcome to visit https://showen.zhanshangxiu.com/exhibitor-detail/b086793d-1033-4cfd-bae8-d25b74e9613a?exhibitionId=e02d4077-efe5-476e-9a75-ce9086b906c7 to review TAA’s product and services that time.

Post time: Aug-09-2021