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Tool steel blade — high wear resistance, long life and high cost performance

Tool steel is the steel material used to manufacture cutting tools, measuring tools, molds and wear-resistant tools.Tool steel has high hardness and can keep high hardness at high temperature, as well as high wear resistance and appropriate toughness.Tool steel is generally divided into carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel and high speed tool steel.


Steel used for manufacturing various cutting tools, cold and hot deformation dies, measuring tools and other tools is called tool steel.All kinds of tool steel have common requirements, such as high hardness, good wear resistance, certain toughness and strength, and their own special requirements, such as red hardness, impact resistance, dimensional stability, thermal fatigue resistance and good comprehensive mechanical properties.In order to meet these different requirements, tool steels with different compositions are used in production, and proper heat treatment process is adopted.

TAA also developed the new blade made of tool steel. Through cutting, water milling and other processes, the blades have more wear resistance and impact resistance.


Tool steel blades are used in wire rod, hardware tools, steel structure, construction machinery, steel, gear, spring and other industries


What are the advantages of tool steel blade?

The cost performance of tool steel blade is high: the cost is higher than common blade, and the service life is several times of common blade. At the same time, reduce the frequency of shot blasting machine maintenance, reduce the work intensity of workers. The wear resistance of our tool steel blades is much higher than that of ordinary high chromium blades on the market!

Tool steel blade is a kind of wear-resistant material with excellent performance. It has much higher wear resistance than alloy steel, and it has good toughness, strength and good high temperature and corrosion resistance.The service life of tool steel is closely related to the quality of heat treatment. The heat treatment of tool steel is characterized by spheroidal annealing in order to obtain uniform and moderate spheroidal structure,The final heat treatment is quenching and low temperature tempering (high speed steel is quenched and tempered at 560 ℃ for three times), so as to obtain high hardness structure with uniform fine carbides distributed on tempered martensite matrix and ensure the wear resistance of tool steel.The heat treatment of hot forging die steel is different. The pre-heat treatment is one-stage annealing, and the final heat treatment is quenching plus medium temperature tempering or high temperature tempering to obtain good comprehensive mechanical properties.


What is the difference between tool steel blade and common blade?

TAA shot blasting machine tool steel blade has smooth and bright appearance, few sand holes, long service life and good wear resistance.Mostly of ordinary blades is low chromium blade with chromium content below 11%. Low chromium castings have more serious defects,such as porosity, sand sticking, sand inclusion, sand hole, sand expansion, cold shut, insufficient pouring, shrinkage porosity, shrinkage cavity, lack of meat, sarcoma, etc.


What are the benefits of using tool steel blades?

Generally tool steel blade has longer service life, so it brings lower replacement frequency.Second,  because of the long service life and low wear of the tool steel blade,effectively reduce the situation that the shot blasting machine is shut down for repair,and reduce the labor cost.


Production video of tool steel blade:

Besides the tool steel blade,blade of other material also be available,Content of Cr-12%, 20%, 25% or as request.

And other spare parts of shot blast machine can be supplied,such as:wheel vanes, impeller, impeller case, impeller vanes, impeller head, guard plate, lining plates and so on. 

Clean and tidy production workshop of high performance shot blasting machine and spare parts


Post time: May-06-2021