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Drum type shot blast machine

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In Drum type shot blast machine small work pieces are blasted as bulk goods. Thus they can be used in production lines or for stand-alone configurations.

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Advantages of drum shot blast machine

Reliable Blasting Technology: Drum shot blast machines are manufactured in several different variants, types and sizes. They are compact and only have a very small footprint. Continuous throughput can be realised by linking several machines.
Maintenance-friendly Layout: Regular maintenance is important for preserving the long-term value of the equipment. Large service and inspection doors provide easy access to all of the important components. As a result, wear parts can be replaced very easily.
Innovative Filter Technology: The innovative filter system impresses with high performance. A particularly interesting characteristic feature are the conical filter cartridges which can be replaced quickly and easily outside of the machine thanks to their slide in mechanism. These cartridge-based filter systems can be retrofitted even to older shot blast machines of nearly all other manufacturers.
Robust Design: The sturdy design made of highly wear-resistant steel with supplementary lining of areas exposed to wear supports the operator to protect his investment.

Key features

* The number of wear parts has been considerably reduced (compared to steel-belt shot blast machines) thanks to the special nature of the drum.

* The soft swinging motion and rotation of the drum enables the gentle treatment of the parts.

in drum shot blast machines03

*The design of the drum depends on the parts to be treated.
The shape and design of the bottom area and side walls ensure the optimum tumbling of the parts.
*The perforation of the drum is realised in line with the specififi c requirements concerning the parts and the abrasive. This prevents jamming, and the abrasive can be optimally discharged.
*Drum shot blast machines are mainly used for the treatment of small mass-produced parts.

in drum shot blast machines4

Drum shot blast machines are available in the following standard sizes:

Technical Specifications TS 0050 TS 0150 TS 0300 TS 0500
Drum volume (1)
50 150 300 500
High-performance turbine (quantity)
1 1 1 1
High-performance turbine (kW)
7.5 upto 15 upto 22 up to 30
Abrasive conveyance screw screw screw screw
Maintenance platform without yes yes yes
Cartridge filter unit PF4-06 PF4-06 PF4-09 PF4-12

Other extras and features are possible.

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