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Low Carbon Steel Shot

Short Description:

TAA low carbon bainite steel shot also called LCB steel shot.
As the leading manufacturer in the fìeld of metal abrasive, TAA Metal persists in improving product quality and developing new produ during the past years. TAA LCB rnixed abrasive is a high-performance product after decade-long research and development, which is the perfect combination of TAA petent technologies and proprietary technologies, AS the desired shot blasting media, TAA LCB mixed abrasive be applied to atl the fields relating to shot blasting and sand blasting. Jt’ s excetlent performance could help users save 50% of their shot blasting cost.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Low Carbon Steel Shot1

Product feature

High strengthen, high tenacity, long service life.
Low breakage, low dust, low pollution.
Low wear of the equipments, long life of accessory.
Reduce dedusting system load, lengthen usage time of dedusting equipments.

Technical specification

Chemical Composition%











Other alloy elements

Adding Cr Mo Ni B Al Cu etc.




Duplex structure combined Martensite and Bainite


≥ 7.2g/cm3

External form


Size distribution

Screen No. Inch Screen size S70 S110 S170 S230 S280 S330 S390 S460 S550 S660 S780 S930
6 0.132 3.35                       All pass
7 0.111 2.80                     All pass  
8 0.0937 2.36                   All pass   ≥90%
10 0.0787 2.00               All pass All pass   ≥85% ≥97%
12 0.0661 1.70             All pass ≤5%   ≥85% ≥97%  
14 0.0555 1.40           All pass ≤5%   ≥85% ≥97%    
16 0.0469 1.18         All pass ≤5%   ≥85% ≥97%      
18 0.0394 1.00       All pass ≤5%   ≥85% ≥96%        
20 0.0331 0.850     All pass ≤10%   ≥85% ≥96%          
25 0.0280 0.710     ≤10%   ≥85% ≥96%            
30 0.0232 0.600   All pass   ≥85% ≥96%              
35 0.0197 0.500   ≤10%   ≥97%                
40 0.0165 0.425 All Pass   ≥85%                  
45 0.0138 0.355 ≤10%   ≥97%                  
50 0.0117 0.300   ≥80%                    
80 0.007 0.180 ≥80% ≥90%                    
120 0.0049 0.125 ≥90%                      
200 0.0029 0.075                        

Fatigue Life Test

Consumption Contrast Figure of TAA LCB steel shot, low-carbon steel shot and high-carbon steel shot.(fatigue life test of normal grades at an impacting speed ratio of 60.96m/s)

Consumption contrast-Normal grade

Low Carbon Steel Shot2
Low Carbon Steel Shot3

Through the fatigue life test we can see that: the service life of TAA LCB Steel Shot is 1.5 times longer than common low carbon steel shot, 2 times longer than high carbon steel shot.


Blast cleaning: Used for blast cleaning of casting, die-casting, forging; sand removal of casting, steel plate, H type steel, steel structure.
Rust removal: Rust removal of casting, forging, steel plate, H type steel, steel structure.
Shot peening: Shot peening of gear, heat treated parts.
Sand blasting: Sand blasting of profile steel, ship board, steel board, steel material, steel structure.
Pre-treatment: Pre-treatment of surface, steel board, profile steel, steel structure, before painting or coating.

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